Natalie (smusiak) wrote in wantbmom,

I love been a mom


Well i got some time to myself right now, so i through i would give everyone a HELLO
this month has been hard, sammy got 4 more teeth,
with that a head cold, and flu,
Isaac is only 2 months and 17lbs, all on BF, so that cool
but i was holding him and i could not belive how big he is.
told he got this funny red spot on his eye and it keep speading so i got him to see the doc
and of couse it was a clean up, it came back then gona again, but i have pic to pove it was there lol
Befor Isaac was born we starting at new thing me and alex
every pay day, we give my mom sammy and go shopping, and it has been great, even with isaac we are still keep it up
We have a Christmas tree up seen the week after Holween,
and sammy dose not touch it wich is realy cool.
I so happy it snowing but i am not sure how will i going to be able to push the stoller in snow, i do not want to be houseboned for the winter, we have no car and no chance of getting on for along time
i go a family center dop-in everday, it realy nice bc sammy and play with other kids and play with toys that we may not have for have the room for or the money to get it,
it funny but in a few weeks it will be a year that we got pergo with Isaac, i sure hope it dose not happen agin for a few years, yes i still want more kids
well i off to bed or a night feed wich ever comes 1st lol
love you alll

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