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its all in the cards

tonight was the 1st time i was away from sammy for more then 30min
i was gone for 3hrs
alex was waching him,
he was sleeping when i went out, but not even 5min after he started crying
and alex said he had a hard time with him, he try everthing. when i got home
alex look like he was going to jump out the window, but i pick sammy up and he stop crying and
started smile at me, alex was upset b.c he was not able to help stop cry. 
No matter how much i tell him, things like, hold him, talk to him, sing to him and list gose on
he forgets everthing.
i was having fun
at my mom group ever month we can a bag or two of food, and i was helpping back them
and i got more b.c i was helpping.  it was nice to get out with out sammy.  but it was realy nice to see him smile at me when i got back
one more thing,
this made me so mad, alex said that babysitting is not fun...
ok for one thing YOU DO NOT BABYSIT your own kid
that made me so mad but what can u do his a man lol
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