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Fun with Scrapbooking


A few mouths ago I set a goal to start scrapbooking. To show off my son and our family
I had no idea how or where to get started. Thank haven for $1 stores, i was about to get started
but then one day i was waching tv and the home shopping net work came on. They had a 3000 pice scrapbooking kit on sale. So i got it. After a few weeks i got in mail today i so happy its want in a kit
but i think my goal for showing off our family has change to. I want to reamber everthing about my family.
As my son grows up every day, i want to hold on to him for ever. I think God for his little life ever day
I make it a goal ever day to say some nice to my self or eles i get down.
Today was "I am good mom". To all Mom out there remeber that you are great and no matter what is done you are a good mom.
love natalie
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