Natalie (smusiak) wrote in wantbmom,

morring sickness is starting

A few days ago i starting getting sick again, and tums were not helping,
i lie sammy on the flour and got sick, look over and saw sammy smile face, and through that its going to be hard road again but in the end i will get a nice smile like that. This baby i am going to get a midwife becuse i am not working so i do not need to get a doc notes for work, and i know i can have a baby now. You do not want me to get started about how the baby doc was about me beening plus size. My mind play games with me, about losseing this baby to, but i put them a side and say with God help, i will make it.
We are planning on moving in a few months to a two bedroom, so that is stressing me out right now, but it will all work out. i hope everone has a good week
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