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the count down is on


on dec 16, i going to a work chirstmas party, and sammy is going to my sister for night. I am going
with my firend Anka, alex has work again this year so he will not be coming. Last year i went with my sister inlaw, and i was not able to drink, b.c sammy was in my tummy and i do not drink when pergo thats a nono in books, this year i am not pergo, and i have a ride home and money so that mean i am going to get happy, the once a year where i get happy. Now when i saw happy i do not been falling over all over the room a few light beers make me happy, and then i wait for next year party lol
I realy hope my sister can handly all 3 kids on her own, she has 2 boys 7yrs and 9months. If i can do it ever week i am sure she can. Sammy gose to bed at 10:00-10:30 and he out unit 7am, yea he like to sleep
but its so cute when he get up b.c he talk to himself for a long time befor he want me.
well it time to feed sammy
so i hope ever one remeber why we have CHRISTmas.
love natalie
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