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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
12:40 am
I love been a mom


Well i got some time to myself right now, so i through i would give everyone a HELLO
this month has been hard, sammy got 4 more teeth,
with that a head cold, and flu,
Isaac is only 2 months and 17lbs, all on BF, so that cool
but i was holding him and i could not belive how big he is.
told he got this funny red spot on his eye and it keep speading so i got him to see the doc
and of couse it was a clean up, it came back then gona again, but i have pic to pove it was there lol
Befor Isaac was born we starting at new thing me and alex
every pay day, we give my mom sammy and go shopping, and it has been great, even with isaac we are still keep it up
We have a Christmas tree up seen the week after Holween,
and sammy dose not touch it wich is realy cool.
I so happy it snowing but i am not sure how will i going to be able to push the stoller in snow, i do not want to be houseboned for the winter, we have no car and no chance of getting on for along time
i go a family center dop-in everday, it realy nice bc sammy and play with other kids and play with toys that we may not have for have the room for or the money to get it,
it funny but in a few weeks it will be a year that we got pergo with Isaac, i sure hope it dose not happen agin for a few years, yes i still want more kids
well i off to bed or a night feed wich ever comes 1st lol
love you alll

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
11:48 pm
We all need friends
hello People

It been hot today, so me and sammy went to the water park, then for walk, then swiming. He is liking swiming more and more
I been feeling about sad becuse my sister angele is move to Ont for a year or so, We got to know each orther so much both have baby in the same year and stuff. But she my sister and she need to help her inlaws out with fixing a house to sell,
My friend has been sick for week and has not phone me all week, it funny how you can start thing all the bad things why she not call or stuff, I keep thinking she did like me any more and so on. We talk and LOL about it, becuse she had a dream that i did not want to be her maid of hourn for her wedding. I think God everday that she in my live and our kids can be best friends. I am 27 weeks now, i feel the baby move alot more, I happy its a boy, that mean in a few years when we try to have 3 kid it may be girl like my mom and her mom, well i think its bed time, or food time, or something lol
love natalie

Current Mood: indifferent
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
7:22 pm
It's a Boy
That right
the new baby that will be in the world in a few months is
a BOY. no names pick out yet
love u all

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, February 17th, 2006
1:33 pm
sam is six mouths old
its been haft year now
looking back i feel that i have done a lot for sammy
and he heathy and happy so i did somthing right :)
he all most crawing and love to play with his toys that make sounds
i hope every one has a good
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
12:47 pm
What a week
Last Sunday i posted how much sammy love to swim
but a few hours after that, i got a phone call for my landlord
we told them that at the end of the month of jan we would be give our notice in
becuse one bedroom was to small for the 3 of us and this building is has a rule
no kids, but there has be a good size two bed room aroccs the hall from us
and people have not been there for two months
So she call me and ask if i want the two bed room, i ask her if she was pulling my leg
she said that i have it if i take it for the 1st of feb, yes that was in two days,
so my house was not backed or in ready to move shape
i was going to back up the house in the month. But i talk to alex and he said that we should take it
so i told her yes, and for the next 2 1/2 days we moved, with some help for my mom and firend, we did it
i was not able to do alot becuse of sammy and baby but i help were i could,
so after about 3 years of living in one bedroom we are in a two bedroom with alot of room,
i had to wait unit firday to get back online,
i happy that i started to put money a side to move bc it came in handy
so i hope every one has a good week
love natalie

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
4:39 pm
Sammy had his 1st swim

I so happy that my little man love the water
he had so much fun swiming
it was his 1st time, and i was not sure how he would like it
but it was a big hit,
i going to sign up for mom and tot leness in a month
he going to be 6 months next month
i feel good, with baby #2 on the way, i so happy tha i am not working,
and the morring sickness is not that bad this time,
i am almost over the 3 month mark i can't wait.
love natalie

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, January 1st, 2006
11:28 pm
morring sickness is starting
A few days ago i starting getting sick again, and tums were not helping,
i lie sammy on the flour and got sick, look over and saw sammy smile face, and through that its going to be hard road again but in the end i will get a nice smile like that. This baby i am going to get a midwife becuse i am not working so i do not need to get a doc notes for work, and i know i can have a baby now. You do not want me to get started about how the baby doc was about me beening plus size. My mind play games with me, about losseing this baby to, but i put them a side and say with God help, i will make it.
We are planning on moving in a few months to a two bedroom, so that is stressing me out right now, but it will all work out. i hope everone has a good week
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
1:44 pm
Do want to hear something funny?

Well Christmass was great, sammy is starting to theeth fun times.
and sammy is goint to be one year and week older then his little borther or sisther
that right we are going to have our 2nd baby
my due date in Aug 28
so i hope ever one had a good holiday

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:19 pm
the count down is on

on dec 16, i going to a work chirstmas party, and sammy is going to my sister for night. I am going
with my firend Anka, alex has work again this year so he will not be coming. Last year i went with my sister inlaw, and i was not able to drink, b.c sammy was in my tummy and i do not drink when pergo thats a nono in books, this year i am not pergo, and i have a ride home and money so that mean i am going to get happy, the once a year where i get happy. Now when i saw happy i do not been falling over all over the room a few light beers make me happy, and then i wait for next year party lol
I realy hope my sister can handly all 3 kids on her own, she has 2 boys 7yrs and 9months. If i can do it ever week i am sure she can. Sammy gose to bed at 10:00-10:30 and he out unit 7am, yea he like to sleep
but its so cute when he get up b.c he talk to himself for a long time befor he want me.
well it time to feed sammy
so i hope ever one remeber why we have CHRISTmas.
love natalie

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, November 28th, 2005
4:28 pm
Sammy has his 1st cold
my little man is sick
his noise is pluged, cry b/c he can't sleep for long
all that and more
i hope he getting better soon
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
11:18 pm
out with two kids

My sister is move away in year, i think its been realy cool that we had our kids together
matthew is her 9 month old. On sunday night i look after him and jake and yes with sammy to
i have my hands full, but it getting me ready for when i want a 2nd or 3rd. But the other
day i was shopping at the mall, and she had jake at the doc, i had matty in the stoller
and Sammy in the singie, the look and i got, so many people said, you have your hands full, you must of be working hard to have 2 kids so close together, i do not know how many times i told poeple
no they are not both my, sammy is. some people were give me looks like i should not be at mall with two kids
and most of the time they were sleeping, not cry or stuff
i fetl like tell some poeple off do not tuch my kid unles i say u can ask befor, that is gems get pass one.
i going to miss my sister, and her kids alot, they are going for year or more but she said she will be back. a few days ago me and mom were talking and she said that sammy and matty are going to be close and good firneds but they we both said lates not go there b/c we are both upset b/c she moving.
its funny but my mom is going to have 3 granson born in the same year Fed105 Aug1705 and Dec2705
ok my movie is starting so i will talk later.
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
11:05 pm
its all in the cards
tonight was the 1st time i was away from sammy for more then 30min
i was gone for 3hrs
alex was waching him,
he was sleeping when i went out, but not even 5min after he started crying
and alex said he had a hard time with him, he try everthing. when i got home
alex look like he was going to jump out the window, but i pick sammy up and he stop crying and
started smile at me, alex was upset b.c he was not able to help stop cry. 
No matter how much i tell him, things like, hold him, talk to him, sing to him and list gose on
he forgets everthing.
i was having fun
at my mom group ever month we can a bag or two of food, and i was helpping back them
and i got more b.c i was helpping.  it was nice to get out with out sammy.  but it was realy nice to see him smile at me when i got back
one more thing,
this made me so mad, alex said that babysitting is not fun...
ok for one thing YOU DO NOT BABYSIT your own kid
that made me so mad but what can u do his a man lol

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
12:32 pm
Sleeping in Cirb
last night sammy sleep in cirb for the 4 night in row
Alex was off work last night so we got to be in same bed again
but when sammy walk up i try to fell around for him in the bed
and i yell out "where is he"
i was so used of sleep with sammy and not alex i faked out
alex did now what happen so all he said was
"he in his cirb, he been there all night'
i did not tell alex how bad i feel in side b/c i through sammy fell of the bed
i hope i have better tonight

Current Mood: distressed
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
11:30 pm
Fun with Scrapbooking

A few mouths ago I set a goal to start scrapbooking. To show off my son and our family
I had no idea how or where to get started. Thank haven for $1 stores, i was about to get started
but then one day i was waching tv and the home shopping net work came on. They had a 3000 pice scrapbooking kit on sale. So i got it. After a few weeks i got in mail today i so happy its want in a kit
but i think my goal for showing off our family has change to. I want to reamber everthing about my family.
As my son grows up every day, i want to hold on to him for ever. I think God for his little life ever day
I make it a goal ever day to say some nice to my self or eles i get down.
Today was "I am good mom". To all Mom out there remeber that you are great and no matter what is done you are a good mom.
love natalie

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
11:12 am
I'm going out on a limb here, and I doubt anyone will actually go for this but... I have a friend in need. She is a pregnant teen but her mother refuses to let her have a baby shower so now her little girl is going to be born without all the goodies a lot of us thankfully got to give our children.

I'm throwing her a baby shower behind her mom's back... thing is - I only have 4 people to invite and that's not much. If any of you guys would be interested in getting her something (however small it doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts) PLEASE EMAIL ME. PlsmaChic@excite.com

She's having a little girl, & she's due on October 8th (so this is all really last minute)she hasn't registered anywhere because she doesn't think she's getting a shower, and the only thing she has is a crib (and she's breastfeeding). She could use diapers, pacifiers, outfits, etc. or even a gift card to babies r us or something... Thank you for everything and God bless.

Please help her if you can... Thank you.

~* Laura *~
Sunday, June 6th, 2004
10:24 am
Welcome to Want to be A mom
This is live journal
where all types of mom are welcome
new mom, young mom, old mom
and dad to
mom who have loss and try to again
you name it can be on it
i hope you like it

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